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"Giving the horse's biomechanics new freedom!"

The love of horses is spreading. Horses as farm animals in the actual sense almost no longer exist.

Horses have long since become our loyal leisure partners, loved by you as owners - and this connection between horse owners and their horses is more important today than ever before.

Horses today are mostly very sensitive, attentive and willing to work, but they are also very sensitive, which in case of discrepancies quickly leads to unwillingness to work or even to refusal or strong defensive reactions. This change has taken place within a few decades and of course varies greatly from breed to breed and is still in a state of flux.

With our saddlery we have realised the vision of designing equestrian products in Germany. We make our innovations such as the Torsion-Flex-Tree®, Thermo-Flex-Panel system, or the I-Saddle-Tech®, with the saddle history available to our customers and thus make a significant contribution to keeping horses healthy in Europe!

At the same time, we always keep the horse in the focus of our actions!

We work with passion on our products, which serve to increase harmony and willingness to perform.

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