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Bagual guarantee

All Bagual products are handcrafted from the highest quality materials! They are subject to permanent quality control during manufacture. Bagual saddles and accessories therefore meet the highest quality standards.

On the "Bagual" quality leather used, "Bagual" grants the statutory warranty period of two years, whereby no proof of defects is required. Should there be any defects in our leather, "Bagual Saddles" will do the checking itself in these cases!

There is a special guarantee on the Bagual saddle trees. "Bagual Saddles" guarantees with TFT saddle trees for a period of five years from the purchase of the new goods that there are no hidden defects. This guarantee covers all defects that cannot be identified when the product is handed over and that are not the result of improper handling, care or repair work by third parties. It is particularly important to treat the products with the care products recommended by "Bagual" and to mount them correctly!

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