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Our guiding philosophy of "not ignoring old tradition", but rather taking up and further developing approved knowledge, led to new innovations. For us, standing still means falling behind, which is why we work year after year on more and more ideas that are trend-setting in equestrian sports. No matter if it is the saddle tree or the pad systems that we use - we always combine the best of tradition and innovation to let horse and rider grow beyond themselves!


NFC (short for Near Field Communication) is a wireless short-range communication system (Works by Proximity) integrated into our Bagual Saddles (as a storage medium for master data) to be read with a smartphone. 

The idea is that two devices can communicate with each other in a comfortable and efficient manner so as to provide the information of each Bagual Saddle at any time. This entry in the "Intelligent Saddle" area is registered by us as a prototype and is a unique selling point with your Bagual Saddle.The sign to read the data of your saddle can be found on the welding sheet.

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With our "Torsion-Flex-Tree ®" we offer your horse the maximum unfolding possibility through improved freedom of movement. The harmony and detachment is significantly improved by the optimized shoulder freedom and muscle growth is promoted. A special strapping, as well as a resilient membrane in the Steisbereich, make the action of the rider harmonious and direct.



Bagual produces equestrian sports saddles with our Thermo-Flex- Panel system, which by thermal-adaptive behavior that enables maximum contact with the horse! Crucial for each horse is a large contact surface of the saddle, which distributes the pressure evenly. The two-part pillow construction from top and bottom, as well as our innovative interior system it to integrate us a seam course always above the contact surface and the area of the long Back muscle not to contact. In addition, this structure enables optimal angulation the cushion support surface and thus the best way of pressure distribution. The used Sweat blades ensure maximum proximity and a lot of stability of the saddle, so harmful Shear forces caused by rotational movements can be avoided. The investment in a bagual saddle is therefore an investment in the health of your horse!

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Each Bagual saddle can be configured in 0.5-inch graduated seat sizes and individually adjusted flap lengths, according to the rider's specific needs. The design is adapted to the anatomy of the rider, resulting in a saddle with maximum riding comfort, which significantly promotes the harmony between rider and horse.


Each saddle tree is individually adjustable in its width and should be checked regularly by your saddler and adjusted to the current measurements.Corrections should only be made by an authorized dealer to maintain the warranty on your Bagual product.

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