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Selected materials and perfect techniques in production as well as an appealing design ensure a lot of joy.

Particular attention is paid to the sustainability of our products, where we pay attention to the environmental compatibility of the raw materials and the manufacturing processes.

With our saddles, you and your horse can ride at the highest level.



Ever since we started Bagual Saddles, we've been committed to protecting the environment. We have worked intensively on the classification of our leather types in order to be able to offer you sustainable products. Most of our saddles use vegetable-tanned leathers that do not pollute our environment due to the natural dyes and therefore do justice to the sustainability concept of our company. We offer our customers the opportunity to choose between two quality leathers.


Professional LUX

High riding comfort combined with an almost unlimited lifespan is available with our high quality Pull-UP leather! A saddle in the LUX variant will not dissapoint!

Perfect grip and a great design characterize this configuration!


Exclusive duplicated

An extremely perfect execution for highest demands and unique riding comfort! Very good hold and therefore maximum support with a secure fit and a soft leg position speak for this version!

A lot of joy and an unbeatable riding feeling await!

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