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"The health of the horse as the motor of our actions!"

Horses, as living creatures entrusted to humans, depend on our reasoning and thinking and acting in their best interests.
The focus of our trade is clearly the harmony between horse and rider.

The idea of "Bagual Saddles" was born in 2018 from a traditional craft business with the experience of over 35 years of saddlery in equestrian sports and the vision of designing innovative and high-quality equestrian products. 

For us, the latest technical and biomechanical findings play a central role in developing contemporary products and constantly advancing equestrian sport.

In our saddlery, the needs of the horses and the requirements of their riders are always at the centre of our work.

Our many years of experience, our passion for what we do and our commitment to achieving optimum solutions are reflected in every single Bagual Saddle in our collection.

Selected materials and perfect manufacturing techniques ensure long-lasting enjoyment of our products.
long-lasting enjoyment of our products.

With our saddles you lay the foundation for a healthy development of your horse!

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