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"Where Passion meets Tradition"

Bagual Saddles® emerged from the combination of more than 35 years of experience in the manufacture of riding saddles and the latest technical and biomechanical knowledge in equestrian sports.

In our saddlery, the needs of horses, but also those of their riders, are always the focus.

Our many years of experience, the passion for what we do and our commitment to achieve optimal solutions are reflected in every single saddle in our collection.

Selected materials and perfect manufacturing techniques ensure that our products will last for a long time. With our saddles, you and your horse can handle tasks at the highest level.


 The highest level of quality and tailor-made production for horses and riders! The brand stands for top international level in the field of leather processing, durability and maximum comfort.


With over 35 years of experience and passion for manual saddle production in all riding disciplines.


Innovations that allow horse and rider to supercede. Standing still means lagging behind,

that is why we are always working on new concepts for a higher edge in equestrian sports.

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The beginning of a new era in saddle construction. Intelligent features such as NFC technology are already used in our saddles.


Our heart beats for saddles!

In every single one of our saddles there is one of our TFT trees, which with their defined degree of flexibility give every horse the freedom of movement it needs.


Thermo-Flex panel

Our saddle cushions contribute significantly to increasing the wellbeing of your horse due to their thermally sensitive structure with optimal adaptability.

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